The Bolshevik Revolution

By: Kennadi and Carlee

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What was the Bolshevik Revolution?

The Bolshevik Revolution was an act of Russian rebellion in 1917 that ended in 1924.

Why did they revolutionize?

The Bolsheviks were Russian marxists (people who supported change). They decided to overthrow the corrupt government. They were starving, poorly led, the economy was poor, and the government was abusing their power. Leading to revolution.

How did they organize?

They have always wanted change, they were tired of the poor conditions that they were living under. In November 1917, without warning, armed factory workers stormed to the Winter Palace. They called themselves the "Bolshevik Red Guards", they took over government officials and arrested the leaders of the temporary government.

Bolsheviks in power

In March 1918, Russia and Germany signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Russia surrendered a large part of its territory to Germany and its allies, This angered the Russians, causing them to murder the royal family.

How did the government react?

Bolsheviks enemies, who are called "Mensheviks" formed the White Army, however the groups in the White Army barely cooperated with each other. The leader of the Revolution, Leon Trotsky, commanded the Bolshevik Army, helping their fight against the White Army. Civil war was raging in Russia, other western nations sent military aid to Russia to help the White army regain power, however that did not help.


The war and the revolution destroyed Russia, and its economy. Vladimir Lenin wanted to restructure the government, the government was now ruled by the Red Guards, who were supported by the people, this became a dictatorship.

The Bolshevik leaders saw nationalism as a threat, this lead to Lenin organizing Russia into self-governing republics under the central government. This was named the "Union of Soviet Socialists Republics" in honor of the councils who helped create the Bolshevik Revolution.

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QUESTION-Who created the White Army?


QUESTION- How long did the revolution last?



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