Agriculture across the world

america vs. japan


Agriculture is the science or process of producing goods such as food, clothing and shelter.


The usda helps expand economic opportunitie and help ruel america to thrive. They promote agriculture production to nurish america while also feeding peopl around the world. In addition to all this they help to conserve and preserve the nations resources through restoring the land. 

Facts About Japan

Japan is located south east of russia, china, and korea. There is a population of 127.6 million people. The government is a constitutional monarchy,and the  poverty level is 15.9%. 47% of the people that attend collage earn a degree. With an average family size of three to four people, an average income is 20,000$. Popular beliefs and religions are shinto, buddhism and christianity. Animal cruelty is a huge problem in japan. They have many animal rights, but they are not a priority. Economic advantages are that the have highly developed technology and a sophisticated consistant economy, but it is extremely competitive. Japan has an agency vey simular to the USDA called the JICA.

Similarities Between Japanese and American Agriculture

Wheat, oats and barley are common crops in both japan and america. The livestock is very simular but what they are used for can be different. For example fish is important to japan and to america but in japan they use more raw fish than we do. Clothing comes from some of the same things too. For example sheeps wool is an important material for making. Both contries are technologically advanced.

Differences between japanese and american agriculture

One crop that is not commonly grown here in america is rice. Rice is a very important crop to the japanese culture. Soy beans is another common grown plant in japan. Due to the lack of arable land in japan they depend mostly of rice and imports from other places. America however, has a wide veriaty of crops and palces to plant them. Though the livestock in america and japan is simular there are breeds not as commonly found in america.

japanese food

Rice, raw sea food, noodle and beans are very common elements to a japanese meal. examples are sushi, oden, and undon.