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Referral Deal Funded - Referral Fee Paid!!!!

In response to these emails, a loan request came in for the purchase of a commercial real estate property for a business owner. The business was a local, successful restaurant and the owner wanted to expand to another location. Using my lending network, we were able to provide a 25-year loan at 85% under the SBA 7a loan program. The loan approval was based off of projections for the new start-up/expansion location.

Don't pass up on commercial real estate financing requests. Shoot me a quick email and I can tell you quickly if it is something that can be done. It's money in your pocket and one more weapon in your arsenal.


The average commercial real estate mortgage has an ARM? The most common fixed period is a 5-year fixed period.

What does this mean?

If you have a relationship with a commercial property owner, odds are good that their loan has adjusted and they would be a great candidate for a refinance.

  • Review the Schedule of Real Estate on the 1003
  • If you see a commercial real estate property, ask your client about it.
  • Contact me if there's an interest in refinancing it. Anything over a 5.50% interest rate may make sense to refinance.

Jon Kleven

Monarch Commercial Capital

Funding Manager

Commercial Real Estate Financing

SBA Specialist