Around the World in 80 Days

A Google Maps Class Collaboration.

Read - a portion of the book "Around the World in 80 Days"

Write - important details in the margin, all stops along the way, and destination summaries

Speak - summarize your section of the book

Listen - to other summaries

Around the World in 80 Days - Preread

1. To build background, we will be watching one of the movie versions of the book.
-Around the World in 80 Days- FULL Movie (2004)
2. Each student will be given a portion of the book to read. You are welcome to read it to yourself or listen to the attached audio book. If you choose to listen, you will need to find your part of the book.
3. As you read, make notes on the side of the story to help you remember what is happing in your section. You will later use these notes to give a summary to the class. Also use the following graphic organizer to track any stops mentioned.
Big image
4. As you read there will be words you do not know. Circle these words and look for them on the links below.
5. Organize your notes from the margin and create a visual representation of your section in the appropriate part of the class timeline.




-important events

Big image
6. Prepare your notes so that you can share your section with the group.
7. Share the details of your chapters with the class.

Google Maps Assignment

1. Log in to Google Drive with your school email.
2. Open Around the World in 80 Days Map.
3. Watch video for Google Map tips. (Starting @ 1:43)
Create a custom map using the new Google Maps
4. Select a location 1 at a time and pin a location. Each location must include: Name, 1 sentence description, and a photo or video.