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8th Grade Scheduling, Important, Please Read

McCord parents/guardians and 8th grade students,

Some parents/guardians received an automated message from WKHS about scheduling deadlines. Please do not worry! Your students' scheduling requests are NOT due this Friday! Please ignore the scheduling emails from the high school - we will take care of you at McCord.

I will finish meeting with 8th grade students and giving them their scheduling sheets today. They have 2 weeks before we need to register, either February 15th or 16th depending on their class. McCord having a later scheduling date does not affect your students ability to get their core classes at the high school.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Thank you!

Cathy Eggleston

School Counselor

McCord Middle School

614 450-4000 ext 2603

follow me on twitter @ceggleston7

I wanted to provide a link to our school counselors' information. Mrs. Eggleston & Ms. Peterson have a ton of resources included in each of the links. Please take a look at the information.