One of A kInd.

About My Animal

I chose this animal because I though it was really adorable & it reminded me of a cat, monkey & wessel. It looks similar to one but some of the features are totally different. For example, the eyes and paws are different.
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Fun Facts

It is the largest carnivore and top predator native to Madagascar and is known to feed on lemurs and most other creatures it can get its claws on, from wild pigs to mice. Unlike mongooses, and more like felines, the fossa has retractable claws and fearsome catlike teeth. Its coat is reddish brown and its muzzle resembles that of a dog.

The elusive fossa is a solitary animal and spends its time both in the trees and on the ground. It is active at night and also during the day. Females give birth to an annual litter of two to four young, and adulthood is reached after about three years.