How is the weather outside??


Have you been asked that by your friends who know that you eat lunch outside everyday. Sure it is nice when the weather is just right and you tell your friends "Yeah the weather was perfect today unlike the weather you ate in today inside." As the tempertures start to drop or when it is raining then the less perfect the weather becomes outside and there is no more room inside to eat because everyone is cramped on the floor eating.


Through a study done by Pediatricians of America, they said that high school kids who eat outside during that winter and when it is raining are more likely to get sick then kids who eat inside. There is a 71.4% chance that kids will get sick who eat outside and when they get sick it is worse than just catching a cold or something from a classmate.

Why is this bad??

The Pediatricians of America said that this is bad because most of time the kids who are sick don't realize it or they don't tell anyone, so they go to school and get there fellow classmates sick with what they have and sometimes when a fellow classmate is sick they are out longer than catching from someone who eats lunch inside.