Save "The Giver"

Stop this book from being banned from 10th grade curriculum!

Why is This a Concern?

The book "The Giver" is being challenged in Cherokee County. Why? This is a question commonly asked by us parents in concern for our child not being able to read a book that has so much meaning. This book teaches us that life is about both pain and pleasure, and that if life were pain-free, we would not appreciate the joy and pleasure of life. It’s about humanity, the hopes we have, the challenges we face, and, most importantly, our flaws. This book allows students to experience moral dilemmas and extrapolate their own conclusions about them. It provides students with the opportunity to face danger and mischief in a contrived setting so that when they encounter issues like conformity and freedom they will be able to properly respond to them.
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Come Out and Support!

There is a parent meeting on March 20th at 6:00 to discuss protecting the potential banning of The Giver. We will be having a petition going around during the meeting to help with the keeping of this book in the 10th grade curriculum. Come out and support and fight for the right to read!

Thank you,

Cherokee County Parents

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