The Los Angeles Lakers

Team Information

Name of team: LA Lakers

Location information: U.S.A,California,Los Angeles

Languages spoken: English

Interesting facts about the region:

-Los Angeles is 472 square miles

-The county of Los Angeles is 4,084 square miles

-Los Angeles' Five-Country Area is 34,135 square miles

Physical features of this region:

-1,548 mteters above sea level (5,080 feet)

-The landscape is dominated by two mountain ranges

-The death valley dessert, at 282 feet below sea level, lies in the southeast and is the lowest lying point on the continent.

Team Mascot Information

What is the Team Mascot: The team mascot is a dog.

Are there any nicnames for this team: The Lakers, Showtime

How does the nickname connect to the culture of this region: The name Lakers came to be because they used to play in Minneapolis wich has the Great Lakes.


When was this team established: This team was established in 1947.

Who was the founder: The founder is Ben Berger, Sid Hartman, and Morris Chalfen.

Why did they choose this location: Los Angeles was picked because the owner decided to move the team from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Los Angeles, California.

Does this mascot connect to the history of the region and jhow: There is not documented connection between the Los Angeles Lakers' mascot and the region of where the team is located.


What is the name of the stadium: The name of the stadium is the Staples Center

Why does this stadium have this name: The stadium has this name because the company, Staples, sponsored the team and paid for the rights of the name on the stadium.

Has this stadium had a different same? If so, what was it: This stadium has never had another name.

More and more stadiums and arenas are being named after major businesses instead of individuals. Why has there been this shift in naming of stadiums: This shift has happened because big corporations pay for the naming rights of the stadiums which results in advertisements and income for that corporation.