Lights, Camera Action

The theatre life🎭

Auditions (step 1)

In order to getting the role of whatever your trying out for you need to practice. Practice your lines until hey are perfect. It might take a while to get them but eventually you will memories them. Get someone to practice your lines if you are having trouble practicing. Before doing it for real do a practice audition in front of your friends & family. Now that you have done this and your ready of your audition remember to be confident, speak loudly and clearly, and when your done smile and walk off the stage confident in how you did.

Rehearsals (step 2)

Now that you have gotten the part you will need to get ready. Show up to all rehearsals. Don't let your team down. Once you are part of a team you need to be responsible of practicing your lines and getting prepared. Go over the whole script with your team and get everything straight and ready for the show
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Show time (step 3)

It's the time you've been waiting for. The reason why you have worked so hard to memorize your lines. Before you go up to the stage take a moment to relax and get in the zone. Don't let nothing bother you. Be confident in yourselfe and go up there and do your best.