Digital Citizenship

St. Stephen Martyr School

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship is doing the right thing on the computer. An example would be not saying mean things about people on the internet.

What is your Digital Footprint?

Your digital footprint is anything you put on the internet. An example is saying bad things about people on Facebook when that is out there it’s out there forever.

What is Social Media? What is it used for? What do you use regularly?

Social media is when people create share or exchange information. It can be used for communicating for work or in some cases it is used to be meaning to people.

I don’t use Facebook twitter or any of those but I do play online gaming.

What is Cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying is when people bully people by using a computer spreading rumors or just being mean. An example would be gossiping and saying false things about people.

I don't use social media but I do play online games

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking someone’s work and calling it your own. An example is writing a report and copy and pasting all the information and calling it your own work.

What is Copyright?

Copyright grants the person exclusive rights of its use and distribution. An example would be the Golden arch on McDonald's sign only McDonald's can use that logo.

What is Citing Resources? Why do you have to cite your resources?

Citing Resources are used to identify reliable sources on which an article is based. You need to cite your resources to avoid plagiarism.