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This year our theme is "Go Green" by creating art with recycled materials in 1st through 4th grade to raise awareness about endangered animals, keeping our world clean, etc. We will use recycled material to construct artwork.

This month in 1st grade we are building the foundation by working on shapes, the artist Mondrian (vertical and horizontal lines), Mirro (curvy, black lines and primary colors), and continuing to work on fine motor skills.

In 2nd grade, we studied Henri Rousseau by examining the painting The Sleeping Gypsy. The students then painted a lion that showed the elements of texture and color.

In third grade and fourth grade, we studied why sharks are endangered (73 million are killed each year for Shark Fin Soup!!) The students explored different water color techniques to paint a shark. For more info:


We have had a great first few weeks! All grades just finished up cooperative games and working on sportsmanship and teamwork. First and second grade are working on their 8 basic movement patterns, while 3rd and 4th grade have begun to work on skills related to soccer and are excited to apply them to game play.

Each week a class is awarded the golden shoe for being the class of the week in P.E. Check our to see action pictures and Golden Shoe Winners!


It's shaping up to be another great year! All grades have been excited to sing, say, move, and play this school year. In Orff Schulwerk classrooms like ours, students engage in musical learning through their imagination and creative play.

First graders are working on their singing voice and music basics.

Second grade has been experimenting with half notes and xylophones.

Third grade has been working on syncopation through American Folk music.

Fourth graders have been working on advanced rhythms and composition.

Third graders will be working on their program based on the book Extra Yarn. The date of the program is December 2nd!

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