Adoration of Jenna Fox

By: Aravind Gudipudi


As I was reading the novel Jenna Fox, I stumbled across a few questions based on bioethics, or also known as life morals. This questions also made me ask myself what my perspective of a bioethics using society would be. Also compared it to Jenna's society, and the current society.

Bioethics of Patenting Human Genetics / Documentary

My Society vs. Jenna's Society vs. The Current Society

My society has many differences and similarities with our current society, and Jenna's society. Let's start with the differences between these three societies. The first difference between my society and Jenna's society is that Jenna's society categorizes humans who contain more Bio Gel than allowed then they fall under the category of legal. This is because we care about the life of the person who is injured, and we also understand the pain of losing a child. If a doctor were to not allow more Bio Gel then needed to save the life this doctor will get 15 years of prison, and they will lose their job. The first difference between the current society and my society, is that if a person were to call any person containing Bio Gel illegal, or any hurtful things then they will have to pay a fine of $500. In the current society there will obviously be people hurting bio gel containing people, but the government won't take it seriously, but if something really bad happens because of the rude statement then they will take action. The second difference between my society, and Jenna's society is that people who are "challenged" have a private school were they are their own teachers. In my society we have teachers instead of teacher-student students. This is because if the students had to teach, then there could be people behind their back talking about how they speak. This may change the whole person. It can also make the students wonder why they have to be their own teacher, and people at other students don't, and they may feel uncomfortable. To avoid all this commotion we have everything a "normal" person's school has, so the "disabled" students won't feel bad, or feel uncomfortable. A difference between my society and Jenna's society , and the current society is that we don't have a term know s disable. we don't have a term like this because if someone were to be called this then they would feel awkward, and questions that shouldn't spark will come up. Questions such as "Am I human?", or Should I be alive?". If these questions appear then very horrible things may happen.

How would your society define “legally human”?

For us a legal human is a human who was born, and raised. The human has to be original, too. We don't consider clones humans,because they are not original, and have an uploaded brain, but real humans have a real brain. We also consider people who got a new body humans too, because they are the same person, but with a different. Illegal humans are clones. This is, because they are a duplicate, a replica not an original.

How would your society regulate the laws concerning bioethics?

Laws Regulating Bioethics

1. Do Not Clone Anything that is alive

This is a law because, a clone is made out of technology which can malfunction. So if the clone malfunctions, then it can harm people nearby, so to avoid harm we made cloning illegal.

2. Do Not Use BioGel Unless It Is Necessary

This is a law because, if you use BioGel without any reason, then things can be very bad. People can start using BioGel to live longer, so to avoid this situation we made it illegal.

What would the consequences be if someone broke these laws?

If you broke law Number 1 then you will be executed to an island, and will not provide any tools to help the person survive. The person will neve be able to live. we will also shut-down the clone and destroy it. This is for the safety of our people. If the person escapes, and comes back we will kill them right away.

if you broke Rule Number 2 then you will automatically go to jail for the rest of your life. We will also remove your job and seize your house. We will provide everything for your family, but under no circumstance you will not get out. If you escape, and get found we will give you a death penalty. if you escape and repeat your mistake again we will kill you right there.