The Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

Primary Setting

  • New Orleans
  • Pensacola (Coast of Florida)

Beginning (Chapters 1-8)

WIthin the first couple chapters, a lot happens. We are told that Creighton's father was killed at war and this is when Creighton starts acting out. He starts stealing fruits and setting firecrackers off. His mother basically disowns him. Creighton is kidnapped and taken to the colonies. What he doesn't know, is that he's going to see his crazy uncle.

Middle (Chapters 9-15)

Some of the most important things happen in the middle chapters. From Creighton decoding the code at the top of the Liberty Tree to Creighton shooting a guard. He shot the guard to give his uncle a way to get out. This was a big part because his uncle and another criminal got out of jail. This was when Creighton was hit over the head with the gun and left by his uncle. Creighton then decided that he knew what his decision was going to be.

End (Chapters 15-23)

In chapters 15 through 23 many things happen. Creightons uncle is killed in a duel. Gower's last words were jail cell numbers. They went to the jail in disguise and looked for who they thought would be Washington. It turns out to be Creighton's dad. He was locked in this jail for being a trader. HIs family was told he was dead because he didn't want to be a disgrace to his family. This is when they are all figured out and taken into the cell. They break there way out and escape. They then make their way home with Creighton's father.