Digital Learning News

Reed Academy Edition!

Let's start with BIG NEWS!

Devices are being distributed! The district released a list of those who were Level Up Level ONE District Sponsored Educators and those individuals have received their Chromebook carts on Monday, Sept. 10th.

Think you too should get devices? Did you complete Level Up Level ONE (the original course)?

In order for you too to receive District Devices, you must present the following:

  • Your level Up Certificate
  • Your Level Up REVAMP Certificate

Both are/were Schoology Courses.

Please add your certificates, renamed with you last name to this Google Drive Folder. Click here to add them now!

BIG Reminder: Update Your Student Passwords!

Student passwords need to be at least 8 characters in length, and should contain 3 of the 4 following criteria:

Upper Case Letter

Lower Case Letter


Special Character (!@#$%^&*)

Note: All student usernames (district-wide) are: (first initial + last initial + Lunch #)

Here at Reed, all students passwords should be: Reed123456 (Reed + lunch #)

In addition to the password criteria, the password cannot have the student/username or be similar to the previous password (which is not specified on the screen). This triggers the LDAP error.

Need a student password reset refresher? Check out the video below!

What's this CLEVER all about???

Did you know the district uses a single-sign-on service for all of our students called Clever?

Have you noticed that the Chromebooks look different when you open them up now?

Ever notice that blue C in your extensions when you're signed into Chrome? That's the Clever Extension. You can add links to your dashboard for your students to access, and when our students log in through Clever they get signed right into apps like Schoology, BrainPop, Imagine Learning, Flocabulary, and more. I would love to show you how you can leverage this awesome tool in your classroom!

Tech Services Updates...

Be sure to read and verify the Acceptable Use Policy, Internet, and Employee Handbook in ePortal. Sign in to ePortal and they will be on the top left hand side of the page

More technicians have been hired so work orders should have a quicker turnaround! All the modalities of the help desk feed to the same cue, so if you call in a work order no need to complete the form as well. Also, tech services has asked that we put in as much details as possible, some work orders are being closed due to a lack of information.

Internet/Photo Permissions/Restrictions for Students

Do you know if your student(s) have permission to be photographed? Do you know if they can even be online (Internet restrictions)? All teachers now can access their student lists to see who can and can’t be photographed or online.

Click here for the directions for just how to view these lists in eSchool.

Gradebook @ Home!

There is a link in ePortal on the bottom left hand side. You can also access it via link at . Please don't wait until next Thursday to begin inputting grades! For more assistance with gradebook please refer back to the TAC training in Schoology!

Important Updates on the Tools you use!

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Don't forget about the Technology & Curriculum Conference of Aldine!

Big picture

It's time to request your DLS!!!

Big picture
The purpose of the Digital Learning Specialist is to help teachers and administrators integrate technology into their classrooms and throughout the campus by providing training.

The DLS request is now live and ready for your submissions! Have a training need? Request me!