Panther Paw Prints

By: Abby Rodriguez

William Wolfe Robs Ann Hood's House

On April 2nd on 115 6th Street in Booktale, Far Far Away, the Hood residence was robbed. This happened while Red and Ann Hood were eating dinner, and when William Wolfe tried robbing the house from the back door. Wolfe pulled out an unidentifiable weapon that was not found at the scene. He says he never tried killing them, but Red says he threatened them with the unknown weapon. Their neighbor overheard and called 911 and went to help them. Sadly, he was too late because Ann Hood died of a heart attack. Wolfe was arrested and sentenced three years in jail with no chance of probation. Red Hood now lives with her dad in Mullingar, Ireland. Wolfe owed money and decided to rob the house but was out of luck.

Review of the movie This is Us

The movie This is Us is a documentary about One Direction on tours and on their breaks for two years. It gives us a sneak peek in their everyday lives and their hobbies. This movie teaches you to not give up on your dreams and to live life.
One Direction - 1D: This Is Us - Official Movie Trailer

Cecil the Lion

Cecil was a famous male lion that lived in Southwest Africa. Cecil was killed by the American Dr. Walter James Palmer, a dentist in Minneapolis. Cecil was killed on July 1, 2015.

Cecil lived in Hwange Game Reserve in Zimbabwe. Dr. Palmer didn’t know the lion was famous when he killed him. Cecil was 13 when he died, and he left behind six cubs that might be killed by another male lion from another group. The weapon used to kill him was a rifle, but was first shot with a bow and arrow. Walter has been in trouble before for poaching a black bear in Wisconsin back in 2008. The Zimbabwe National Parks, Wildlife Authority, and Safari Operators Association said two men are facing poaching charges. Cecil was tagged by the Wildlife Unit of Oxford University in the U.K. and was being researched for over a decade. Dr. Palmer was named Cecil’s killer by the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force and the Safari Operators Association. The name of Dr. Palmer’s office is River Bluff Dental clinic in Bloomington, Minnesota.

I learned that Cecil had a family when he died and that he was thirteen when he died. I also never knew that he died on July 1, 2015, and was killed by a rifle.



My favorite app is Wattpad because it has books of almost every genre. I’m reading a book right now called Expiration Date and it’s science fiction. I recommend it to anyone who likes science fiction. There is also fanfiction, it’s a fictional story of your favorite person. There are more than a billion stories written by people from around the world. I recommend this app to any book worms if they don’t have it already.
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