Vol. 35~ May 29th

Thompson's Talk

Quote of the Week

It's the final edition! Thank you for all your hard work and creativity this year. Irvin truly is a special school and we do great things for students. Enjoy your summer with your family and refuel to start 2015-2016 with a bang! We will teach like pirates! Arg!!!!

Ring the Bell!

  • MISD's first annual 5th grade Field Games was an amazing success. The coaches did a fabulous job undertaking this massive project, and our fifth graders represented us well!
  • Irvin's first annual Talent Show made a stellar debut. Thank you to Jessica, Ms. Dora and Mr. Pollard for their help organizing this event. Our students are strong academically as well as gifted with unique talents. It was a great family time!
  • The first grade hallway looks like a tropical paradise with their ocean creatures. The students are so excited to share what they learned and how they created their animal. Way to engage!

Important Dates

June 1

  • 9:30am 3rd Grade Awards
  • DATE CHANGE: 1:30 Recess for perfect attendance kiddos.

June 2

  • 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • 9:30am 1st Grade Awards

June 3

  • 9:15am 2nd Grade Awards
  • 10:00am 4th Grade Awards
  • Moving on Up Day 1:30 pm

June 4th

  • 9:30am Kinder Awards
  • Early Release for Students

June 5th

  • Last Day!
  • Graduation