The Christmas Truce

Come celebrate Christmas with us!

Join us!

There is going to be a truce to celebrate Christmas! We will have food, social time, football games, a bonfire, a burial, and a gift exchange. Join us for a night of peace, a night where no one shoots each other, and no one is forgotten.

The Christmas Truce

Friday, Dec. 25th 1914 at 12-10pm

No Man's Land


12:00-1:00- Social Time

1:00-3:00- Football games

3:00-5:00- Fire, Food, and Carols

5:00-7:30- Burial service

7:30-10:00- Gift exchange

Corinne's Party Organization

Have an event that you want to plan so very badly? Call us! All we need to set up that party is the location, type of event, when, who, and your number! You will pay 60% of the cost, and we'll pay the rest!