Andrew Jackson


reason 1

when the national bank was made it was suppose to stabilize the economy and it did untill... Jackson thought it was corrupt and only favored the wealthy people. So he decided to knock down all of the national banks and just get rid of them completely.

reason 2

The Cherokees were settled on there land. They're land is so desirable because there is more land to grow cotton and later on a discovery of gold. So Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law. Later the us government gathered the Cherokees and moved them west. A lot of them died from getting sick, starvation, heat, and the cold.

reason 3

Jackson abused his power a lot, he is a comparison of king George. Andrew Jackson wanted to place a tariffs on manufacturing goods. The south wasn't so happy about that and threatened to leave the union. Well when the south did that Jackson came back at them and forced the u.s. army on them so they would have to pay the tariffs, and so they did they came to a compromise in 1833.It was the 1833 compromise tariff.