Feature Articles for Kids

What is a feature article and how do you create your own.

What are feature articles?

Feature articles are prominent articles in a newspaper, magazine, or online. They may be on any topic, and use a variety of text features and text structures. Feature articles are a great way to present your research, ideas, or opinions.

Many interesting text features

Create your own!

Easy publishing

You too can use Smore to publish your own feature articles!

Who wrote this?

One important thing to remember about a feature article, is that it's tone is influenced by the author's attitude or opinion on the topic. This means it is important to keep in mind that your feature article may lean one way or another. As you read, you should ask yourself "What was my opinion or thoughts about this topic before I read this?", "What makes the author of this article qualified to write about this?", "Why do I think the author wrote this?", "Do I agree or disagree with this author?", "How has my thinking changed by reading this article?"

You may notice contact information available for many feature articles. Your feature article can only include your first name, for safety.