5 themes of Alleghany☺️

Kimberly, Natalie, Allison

How to find us

Alleghany county is located in North Carolina top left of North Carolina next to the Virginia border. North Carolina is in the south Next to the North Atlantic ocean

Alleghany characaristics

When in Alleghany county expect frequent weather change. When you get here you will see a lot of corn and trees, different kinds. Here in the winter there will be some snow days but it won't get heavy until after Christmas, but if you come in the summer there will be sunshine with occasional rainy days.

Places that need to be seen while you are here

How to blend in here in Alleghany

What to wear

To blend in you could wear jeans, joggers, t-shirts, nike sandal or tennis shoes, sweat shirt, and boots.

What to drive

WHen going from place to place you should drive a big truck with a rebel flag on the back.
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What to eat

If you have NO idea what to eat well you should try a BLT. pancakes, omelets, biscuits and gravy, pizza, cheese burgers, hamburgers, ect. There is so much to choose but just to try everything at one place I recommend taking a short drive to Mt. Airy to visit and eat at Golden Corral.
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Fun facts

population- 10,677

4,593 households

3,169 family's

46 people per square mile

95.69% Caucasian

1.23% African American

0.26% Native American

0.20% Asian

0.01 Pacific islander

1.75 other races