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Hueneme Elementary School Phase 2/Hybrid

Hybrid Information/Newsletter #2

Hello Hueneme Elementary Families,

For newsletter #2, I wanted to take some time to answer some frequently asked questions.

  1. What group is my child in? What days will they be attending school? ANSWER: Your child has been placed in a cohort based on the times that they attend virtually. If your child attends virtually from 8:15-10:15- then they are in Cohort A: and attend on campus Monday and Wednesday and Remote days are:Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. If you child attends virtually from 10:35-12:35- then they are in Cohort B: and attend on campus Tuesday and Thursday and Remote days are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. *Please note* If you specific questions about cohorts or switched times with the teacher, please call the office to confirm your child's cohort.
  2. Should I wait until my child goes through the gates before I leave? ANSWER: Yes, please do a passive screening before bringing your child to school to check for fever. Once the students arrive, campus assistants will also do an active screening to check for fever. If their temperature is above 99.5, then they will not be able to stay at school.
  3. Should my child bring a snack to school? ANSWER: You are welcome to send a snack with your child. There will also be a snack provided from our cafeteria during a 20 minute nutrition/recess break. This snack will be at no additional cost to our families.
  4. What if I forgot my mask or lost it? ANSWER: We will have disposable masks on our campus and in our classrooms.
  5. Can my child wear a face shield with a mask? ANSWER: Yes. As long as the face shield is not a distraction we welcome both face coverings.
  6. Can I come on campus and walk my child to their classroom? ANSWER: At this time, we are not having any family members on campus. We understand that this could be a challenging time for some of our students, however for contact tracing purposes we cannot welcome families at this time.

In addition, please click the link below to view the Hueneme ESD Covid-19 Safety Plan


Welcome to Phase 2/Hybrid Learning

On Monday, March 29th Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Grade 1, and our Self Contained Classrooms for Specialized Programs Grades TK-5 (SDC) begins.

Our first day of Hybrid Learning for Grades 2-5 will be Monday, April 19th.

*Reminder* Spring Break is from Monday, April 5th through Friday, April 16th

Please review the Reopening Site Safety Summary below. It includes information regarding:

  • Student Arrival and Dismissal
  • Nutrition times/Recess
  • Passing Period/Student Movement on campus
  • Health Evaluation Screening
  • Restrooms
  • Classroom Materials/Set Up
  • Cleaning Protocols
  • Friday's-Remote Learning Days

We will have two student cohorts, group A and B. Group A will have in-person instruction on Monday and Wednesdays, student group B will have in-person instruction on Tuesday and Thursday. Fridays will be a remote learning day with 30-minutes of live interaction.

Please click below on the Hueneme Safety Reopening Summary for English or Spanish.