Friday Flyer

September 19, 2014

Highlighting Teachers

I had the opportunity to slip into a few classrooms this week. Check out the videos below and watch some of your co-workers (or yourself) as they "capture" their students.

Mrs. Ameel Math

Mrs. Ameel Teaches Math

Mrs. Smith 6th grade art class

Mrs. Smith 6th Grade Art

Mr. Smith 7th Grade Science

Mr. Smiths third hour science
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Hall Passess

Please make sure your students have a hall pass when they leave your room. More importantly, make sure you leave these instructions in your sub plans if you are going to be gone. Students have a tendency to take advantage of our their sub(s) in this regard (shocking, I know).

Student of the Week

I know I originally asked teachers to get their SOW nominations to Karen by Friday, but if we could try to get this done by Thursday, it would be greatly appreciated.

9/18/14 BSIT Notes

BSIT meeting 9.18.14

Present: Peg W., Scott S., Jen S., Rob B., Chris B., Mike W., Colleen G., Deb D., Susan L., Susan S., Pat K., Colleen A., Greta B., Stacy McG., Ryan R.

  1. Staff/Building Concerns: 5th grade hallway. Lots of students complaining that their lockers are opened, locks turned.

  2. IPAD Situation/Get Lists to Peg W. or Karen (by advisory): We need a list, by advisory – students without an IPAD. There are a few issues with some of the students IPADs – logging into Edmodo. New students will be getting their IPADs soon.

  3. Standardized Testing it will be online or paper/pencil.

  4. IXL/Delta Math – Are we all set up? Yes, Scott H. is going to be training some of the staff.

  5. Online Text for Math – text support has been called, need EXCEL document with name and student number. It should be done today.

  6. Family Literacy Nights – Literacy nights in two weeks.

  7. ELA Staff out tomorrow – Staff will be gone tomorrow.

  8. Parent/Teacher conferences online scheduling – This will be open on Friday this week with staff access and for parents next week.

  9. Genius Day Supplies – big ticket items, please get list to Mike sooner than later.

  10. The bottom 30% - What could we do with our teachers, schedules, parents. We have to get aggressive with our bottom 30%. We have to do new things to reach them. Get in groups of four to discuss – suggestions of what we need to do on a daily basis.

    Ideas : More 1-on-1, band, take bottom 30% out more, how we use parapros – with small groups, have teachers work with the small groups, high school kids coming over, Americorps, PTO, block scheduling, academic support (homework completion), why don’t you combine 8th grade with the high school band, eating breakfast – making sure that they eat.

  11. Others -