by: Blake Luckett


The Midwest has lots of manufactures. Such as farming it can turn wheat into bread and cereal. Stores for our local food. And tourists people who visit fantastic places.


the Midwest has some pretty good Landforms. such as the st. Louis arch witch is the states monument. the great lakes. finaly Thousands of people love sailing on the great lakes.


In the winter it is pretty cold and with it being cold it can cause blizzards. In the summer it is hot so hot it can cause heat strokes. Finaly in the fall it can be warm most of the time but sometimes cold.


On the farms farmers can grow almost all of the food that we have and eat. Witch is corn bread and cereal. Cereal and bread comes from wheat. They can raise cows and pigs to get our food to.


People can mine the common stuff such as Lead,crystal,and quarts. But there is better stuff such as, iorn, limestone, gold, copper and uranium. fact: you find crystal above ground but you find limestone underground.