By Kate, Gabi, and Emilie

Plot Summary

Pandora was brought down to Earth and was very beautiful. She ended up marrying Epimetheus, and she was mostly happy with her new husband, but her curiousity told her to open the jar she had gotten from Zeus. Finally, her curiousity got the best of her, and she opened the jar. Little did she know that the jar was filled with miseries and evil things, and she had let them all out. She closed the jar just in time to seal Hope from coming out. All the miseries turned everyone evil, except for someone named Deucalion.

Why was it important

This story was important because it shows the reason we have bad things in the world. It also shows us that not all pretty things stay perfect or make good choices.

What Kind of Myth?

This myth was a why myth because it explains why we have bad things in the world today.