Vesak day or Buddha day is a day where buddhist come and celebrates the birth, wisdom and death of the Buddha. One day the Buddha snuck out his palace to see the outside world. As he was walking around he noticed people suffering and unhappy. So from that day on he wanted to know how does it feel like to suffer and how to stop it. For forty-nine days straight Buddha meditate under a tree until he felt enlightment. When he finally did he was able to answer his question. hes answer is in order to stop it or not cause it we w=as people need to stop desire and wanting then we will be fine. SO COME ENJOY US FOR THIS GRAND DAY TO CELEBRATE THE Buddha birth, enlightment and death.

VESAK DAY (buddha day)

Wednesday, May 14th, 12-11pm


Come to our event! The way we celebrate this day is attend the closet Buddhist temple and take part on all the activities that going on. Most temples will be celebrating with traditional food also a lot of chanting and reading scripts. Sometimes they even bathe the baby Buddha. Also they get an olive branch dip it into bless water and dab it on the head and shoulders of the statue. Last but no least colorful lights will be hung and Buddhist will either wear white as a sign of death and black as a sign of birth.