The Red Wolf by Izzy Sparrow

By Izzy Sparrow

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Canis Rufus also known as the Red Wolf. The Red Wolf lives as far north as Pennsylvania and as far west as Texas. They also live in costal prairie and marshlands area. This wolf is covered in fur the colour can be red, grey, black and cinnamon. The Red Wolf can weigh from 18kg to about 41kg, and the length can be from 95cm to about 120cm long and their shoulders can be from15-16cm wide.

Did you know that the Red Wolf is a very social animal The Red Wolf has very sharp teeth so they can rip apart their pray and hold them in their mouths. They also stay in big groups called a pack so they can hunt together. The Red Wolfs diet in the wild can be from White-tailed deer and racoons but they will eat any small animal available. Wolfs, coyotes and Humans these animals eat and kill the red wolf they also kill the wolf for its skin. The female Red wolf can have up-to 10 cubs at a time. They have the cub in their tummy for about 60 days.

I believe that the Red Wolf is an amazing animal but sadly becoming critically endangered. The Red Wolf defiantly need saving but my question for you is will you do anything about it?

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