Wellness and Stress-free Life

Introduction to Happiness Program & Breathing techniques

Free Mind, Meditation and Introduction to Happiness Program

Please join us for an interactive presentation, on strategies for achieving holistic wellness and lasting happiness in your everyday life. The key is not only to manage stress, but to take the next leap and begin actively living in ways that are most purposeful and uplifting for you as an individual and for your community as a whole.

Workshop participants will be introduced to the revolutionary Happiness Program that has already benefited millions of people around the world. During the session you will learn about the program's powerful techniques and principles rooted in ancient wisdom.

Pathways to Happiness by Art of Living Foundation

Saturday, April 19th 2014 at 10:30-11:30am

401 Kings Hwy N

Cherry Hill, NJ

Please RSVP: http://tinyurl.com/apr19thcherryhill

Contact us by Email : cherryhill@us.artofliving.org or

by phone 856-477-3155