Last week of School

Specials Schedule

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Specials

Tuesday and Wednesday

Please drop-off your classes at your regular specials on both Tuesday and Wednesday and pick -up your classes from the Gym.

The students will be rotating between all three of us, participating in different activities during their specials on both days.

New locations:

Music will be in the Art room

Art will be in the gym sidewalk outside

P.E. will be in the gym or track


Please drop-off and pick-up at the gym. All classes will be participating in "Beach Party" themed activities on the track and black top! Fifth grade will be playing kickball if anyone wants to come out to watch and cheer!

Thanks for your support for our "Beach Party" week of fun!

Last day of school rotation

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The Plan

Jeanie, Amanda and I will be giving teachers a break on Friday morning after the 5th grade Graduation Ceremony. Our fabulous Interventionist, Jennifer is also pitching in to give breaks as well. The Specials Team will be chaperones at dances starting at 1:00 in the Cafeteria.

The Gym will be available from 9:30 - 1:00 for you to use. Please email Amanda if you want a time slot. There will be equipment set out in the gym. 3rd -5th graders can play Alaskan Kickball, or you may use any of the equipment . (Hula-Hoops, Jump ropes, etc.) Please put the equipment back when you are done so another class may use it.

If you would like a specials teacher to help out during your classroom party time, let us know! We will be moving around the school to help wherever we can!

Guaranteed to be fun and exciting