Marijuana Legalization

Lacie Beavers

Should Marijuana Be Legal For Recreational Use?

Too many people already smoke weed. Whether its legal or not, there will still be people who smoke it and there will still be ways to get it. They should just save the time and make it legal for everyone.

Thesis Statement

Marijuana should be legal for all usage because it relaxes the body and mind and it also kills cancer cells if you smoke it early enough.

Background Info On Why Marijuana Is Illegal

Apparently marijuana involves racism, ignorance, fear, personal career advancement, etc. Marijuana is like a cigarette but better for you. Too many people are current Marijuana users for it not to be legal. They would make tons of money off Marijuana users who regular use. It's even been proven to eliminate cancer cells. There should be no reason why Marijuana can be legal in some states but not others that are in the same country.


Some people think Marijuana shouldn't be legal because it's a gateway drug to more dangerous and unhealthy drugs. I can see where people want a more aggressive high, but all in all that is the persons decision to get involved with risky drugs like cocaine or sh-rooms. Marijuana isn't going to tell you to go get something to make you higher.

5 qotations

- Marijuana kills cancer cells if found early enough

- Marijuana doesn't cause any harm to your body

- You go through no withdraws if you decide to quit

- You can't overdose on weed

- You can make paper out of the plant


Marijuana really isn't as bad as everyone thinks. It's a good "drug" that doesn't cause any harm. States like Colorado, Nevada, Washington all have it legalized and there in the same country as us. If some states can have it legalized than all states should have it legal. People want cigarettes to be illegal but because of how many people buy them, they keep it legal. They should just do the same thing with Marijuana. If they don't want to smoke pot, they don't have to.
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