ABC's of ww2

clarisa acevedo

A is for

axis powers the countries of the Italy Germany and japan made in up the axis

B is for

barrage balloon barrage balloons are not practical against the again the to ensure its destruction

D is for

D-day in the 1944 the allies invaded Normandy in north France they then moved further into Europa

E is for

evacuation is the process moving people away from where they are in danger to leaser place

G is for

glider a glider is an aircraft that soars trough the air without the people

H is for

Hiroshima the city of Hiroshima is a put on the island of Honshu japan

I is for

invasion an April 2 1983 Argentina forces invaded the islands

J is for

June 6th most of the world now uses a calendar that based on the moments of the moon

K is for

k-ration his therm the united states wan a war with mexico an gained much lard along the pacific east

L is for

London is the capital of the united kingdom a country in western Europe

M is for

Moscow is the capital of the Russia

N is for

navy is the branch of a countries armed forces that fights an under power the sea

O is for

overload world war 2 started in 1939

P is for

Paris is the capital of the country of France

q is for

Quebec conference the city of Quebec is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec

R is for

radar is a system that uses waves of energy to sense objects

S is for

submarine is a vessel or ship that can go underwater

T is for

Truman after president Franklin D no svelte in 1945

U is for

united states established in 1776 the united states is roving compaed