John Marshall

"Father of the Supreme Court"

How John Marshall made the court "Supreme"!

John Marshall was the fourth Supreme Court Chief Justice of the US and Chief Justice for 34 years, longer than any other Chief Justice. It was during his term as Chief Justice that the Supreme Court became a "co-equal" branch to the other two.
Marbury v. Madison: Rise of the Supreme Court (2nd Edition)

John Marshall

What leadership qualities did John Marshall have?

John Marshall was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court because he had many good qualities including civic virtue as demonstrated by his service to the country during the American Revolution.

John Marshall was very professional and dedicated to his job as evidenced by his methodical scholarly research he conducted before making a ruling. He was known to be a fair Chief Justice and did not allow bickering on his court.

He created a lot of the precedents of the Supreme Court such as allowing each justice to write up their opinions separately.

He administered the oath of office nine times to five different Presidents beginning with Jefferson and ending with Jackson! Marshall agreed to administer the oath of office to Jefferson even though they were political rivals, thus showing that dedication to one's country and duty is more important that political party politics, which are qualities of a good leader!

Important Court Cases of Chief Justice John Marshall

Chief Justice John Marshall presided over many important Supreme Court cases including the landmark case, Marbury v Madison in which the Supreme Court established their power of "judicial review". He also presided over the cases of McCulloch v Maryland and Gibbons v Ogden, both cases which established the supremacy of the Federal Government.

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