A christmas carol Background

Brett Hertz

charles dickens

  • Charles dickens was not only an author, but also a husband and father
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poverty and child labor

  • child labor made kids killed, injured, and sick because
  • poverty started when more people came to cities so most people would live close to where they work, so they didn't have to go that far. So they can live through all the conditions they had to have a larger house which created poverty.
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victorian era

  • the Victorian era started in 1837
  • the Victorian era ended in 1901
  • the Victorian era lasted about 66 years
  • It was called the Victorian era because the queen's name was Victoria
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industrial revolution

  • the industrial revolution started in the 18th century
  • during the industrial revolution the steam engine and the spinning jenny were made
  • the industrial revolution started in Britain
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