Weekly Launch

April 10-14


Don't forget that your teacher self reports are due on April 13th!

Wende went to a candidate forum for the board of trustee position in District 3. She shared with me that Ken Baliker referred to NPE several times during his speech. He praised us for our work with character education and how he is positive that the district's character initiative will impact our schools in great ways over the next 10 years. We are definitely the trailblazers! I hope you are carefully reading the summaries of the 11 principles of character education. These will help us as we get ready to think about reapplying for NSOC.

Please be sure to complete the end of year celebration survey!

Thanks to all the teachers who opened their doors for our visitors today! They had nothing but great things to say about NPE and all that we are doing in our classrooms with our ELL students(and every student). It is not easy to open your doors to others but we have so many great teachers that it is nice to get the chance to showcase them!

Please don't forget to email Suzi or I if you are going to be absent-even if you turned in a discretionary form way in advance(I tend to forget :0) Thank you!

Don't forget Fun Run will be this Sunday at 2:00 pm if you want to come and cheer on our runners! (or run with them)

Important Dates

April 10-Mega-1st grade

April 11-PTA Assembly



April 12-2nd grade Egg drop


Texas Roadhouse night

April 13-2nd grade field trip

Kinder Egg hunt

5th grade field trip

Teacher Self reports due

April 14-No school

Character Corner

Word of the Month-GRIT

Word of the Week-Resiliency

Morning Announcements-McIntyre

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11 Principles of Character Education

Principle 4-Effective character education creates a caring school community.

All children and adolescents have needs for safety, belonging, and the experience of contributing, and they are more likely to internalize the values and expectations of groups that meet these needs.

Creating a feeling of belonging involves meeting the needs of students and staff to feel cared for, to feel physically and emotionally safe from harm, and to feel that they have a place in the school community.

Classroom practices that build community-

-holding class meetings

-developing activities that help students and teachers get to know one another as people

-carrying out activities that build a sense of "unity" within the class by joining students together in shared, enjoyable pursuits

-adopting disciplinary approaches that deepen students' bonds with one another and with the teacher

-limiting academic competitiveness because it leads students to see one another as adversaries and to care about winning rather than learning

-using collaborative pedagogies that allow students to work interdependently, and to take more control and responsibility for their own learning

-integrating into the teaching of literature, history, science and other subject areas discussions of what it means to be compassionate, principled, and responsible, and to understand the lives and circumstances of diverse other

Having a warm affect, showing interest and using good listening skills are behaviors know for developing rapport with students.

Examples of positive attention:

-make eye contact and smile at students

-ask them something about themselves

-ask for their thoughts, ideas, opinions and suggestions

-use active listening techniques

-make note of their growth and progress

-give compliments and appreciations

-check with students about how they are progressing with an assignment

-give words of encouragement

-select students to carry out a classroom task that they like

Shout outs

Shout out to:

-PE for being so flexible and letting Scoliosis screening happen in gym when we had no lights in 5th grade

-Terri May for being an awesome librarian

-all of the buddy classes for making STAAR notes for our students. They really did like them! Also, thanks to the teachers who gave out notes to their former students. It really means a lot to those students!

-all of you who remember to text me when you are going to be late! I appreciate it!

-Renee for manning the blue room today during learning walks :0)