Blackman 5th Grade News

April 2019


Math: Operations with Decimals and Algebraic Expressions

Science: Animal Responses/Heredity

Reading: Review of All Reading Standards

Language: Review of All Language Standards

Writing: Review of All Writing Standards

Social Studies: Tennessee History


April 10 - Progress Reports

April 12 - Testing Kickoff

April 19 - Good Friday - No School

April 15 - 26 - TCAP Testing


*******TESTING TIPS*******

- Get a good night sleep, be well rested (8-10 hours)

- Eat a healthy breakfast

- Arrive to school on time and be here every day (especially during testing)

- Have a positive “can do” student attitude

- Plan ahead to ensure your child is present, reschedule any appointments the child may have or need to attend during this time.

- Read the test directions carefully

- Read the questions carefully and be sure of what they are asking

- Read all of the answer choices before responding

- If you don’t know the answer to a question, skip it and come back if there is time

- Eliminate any answers that you know are wrong, and then consider only those that might be right

- Go back and check your answers if time allows

****As Always -------- Don't Forget****

Please remember to sign agendas daily and graded papers weekly.

Review Dress Code with students.



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