Democracy in Ancient Greece

By: Kat and Tessa

Who rulers this type of Government? Who has real power?

1. People ( males, over 18 and were born in Athens and owned land and had to have lots money) were able to vote On certain days only certain people were allowed to vote

2. They did not want a Separation of power and they had nine presents elected by the people

Who does not have power or no say in this type of government?

Women, slaves, children and people not from Athens. They were not allowed to vote.

A famous democracy was Athenian democracy first ruled by Solon the poet and Cleistheness the aristocrate.

What are some advantages of this government was that mostly everyone had a say in what the laws were. Voting was used to make logical decisions.

What are some disadvantages of this type of government not everyone was able to vote only men and rich people or 18 or older could vote


" Together we are strong, Divided we are weak."