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Headline news

Two people got hurt from a chariot accident. One man, and one woman. I have heard that they are okay and have minor injuries.

Our landscape (Geography)

It's important that we live near the Nile river because we barely get any rainfall. We need the water to drink and for our crops. The Nile river also provides natural barriers to protect us from invaders. Irrigation has worked in our favor by going to farms away from the Nile.

Our gods (Religion)

We worship gods and goddesses who give use land and water for our sake. We worship them for life after death. If we don't worship the gods, we wouldn't have life after death.
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The Wheather

The weather today will be very hot but there is a chance of rain. Remember to wear your rain coats! The wind has picked up which is good for the heat. The wind is blowing north toward the Nile river. There is also a report for a dust storm. One of our reporters, Billy Bob, says, "It's coming in pretty bad and picking up speed"

Our Achievements

We created a 365-day calendar, that no one thought of except us! We are the cleverest, Which will feed our success. We created the first medicine to help our people get healthier that no one thought of except us aging! We also created a language we call Hieroglyphics.

Try mircle this cream today!

This cream works miracles on the skin to destroy rashes and dry skin. We have a 5 star rating from our costumers. One man said, "This cream made me hansom in just three days.

Our Pharaoh (Politics)

Egypt is ruled by our great Pharaoh, Ramses ll. When he passes away, his son will take the throne. But sometimes like queen Hatshepsut, the pharaohs wife or daughter gets the throne. Our pharaoh listens to the priests for their advice so we do what the gods want us to do.

Who we trade to (Economics)

We trade with many people around the area like Africans and Mesopotamia people. We trade tools, weapons, and metal for gold, ivory, ebony, and incense. One of the most important thing we trade for is wood because we barely have any trees.

Social structure

Egypt is mostly made up of unskilled workers who do the most labor because they can't do anything else. Next up are the farmers and herders who provide mike and food for Egypt. Then in the middle are traders, artisans, shopkeepers, and scribes which is what I am

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