Tech at Orchard Hills School

Behind the Scenes with the DLC...

April 2015

Teachers Observing Teachers

This year, TUSD Digital Fellows were given the opportunity to observe other teachers in the District as part of the Teachers Observing Teachers (TOTs) program. DLC's led tours of various classrooms in the District, as well discussions and reflection sessions, with the goal of sharing tools and experiences with other teachers. Orchard Hills fifth grade fellows Liz Root, Cori Martin and Cristy Platt, Core fellow Katie Lund and Science fellow Lawrence Arriaga participated in TOTs and thoroughly enjoyed their experiences!

Connect Institute Follow-Up Visits!

The Connect Institute was put on by Tustin Unified in February and was a way for administrators and teachers from multiple Districts and areas to learn and collaborate in their own journeys toward 21st Century learning. A large component of the Institute were classroom visits in TUSD, which were hugely popular. This month, TUSD hosted follow-up visits for interested Districts, and Orchard Hills was the hosting middle school. Teams from various districts were able to observe Liz Root (5th Grade), Lynn Okenwa (Science) and Kristen Paulson (Core) teach dynamic, engaging lessons utilizing technology. Guests were impressed with the level of instruction and technology integration they saw in every classroom at Orchard Hills!

Osmos at Work!

Since the Tustin Rotary grant enabled the purchase of several Osmo interactive learning devices, many teachers have taken advantage of these amazing tools! From State report projects to Writers' Workshop and Father's Day essays, the Osmos are enabling students to do amazing things through reflective technology!

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