beautiful africa

4 description about africa


Madagascar is located by Indian ocean,madagascar separated the east african coast by the mozambique channel.madagascar is fourth-largest island in the world,The economy of madagascar is overwhelming agricultural.If you wanted to you can explore the beaches and the wildlife and forest.

red sea

The red sea is along narrow sea that sits between africa and the arabian peninsula,the red sea is linked with the indian ocean by the gulf of aden surrounded by excessively hot and dry deserts and steppes,summer water temperatures often 85 fahrenheit.

Congo basin

The Congo ,or Zaire river is formed by the waters of the lualaba the upper Congo river,one of the longest rivers in the world the Congo flows for 2,720 miles through Zaire to the Atlantic ocean.

Ethiopian highlands

The Ethiopian highlands are located on the western section of the Ethiopian plateau. the ethiopian plateau and several of its mountains groups are cut deep valleys.lake tana through the center of the plateau.You can go to the festivals they have there.