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Hands-On History at EDS

Project based learning is a major part of our middle school....Students work on projects that engage them in solving real-world problems, answering complex questions or simulating something from the long ago past. They demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a product for a real audience.

Sixth graders must transition from learning about American history to ancient civilizations, foreign languages and cultures and practices so different from their own. Students develop deep content knowledge as well as critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills when they do authentic and meaningful projects. Project Based Learning unleashes a contagious, creative energy among students and teachers.

We start the school year off by studying the first civilization, Mesopotamia. Mesopotamians were tool builders and resourceful peoples. Students duplicate their works by creating their own tools out of everyday items (spoons, cups, forks, sticks, etc.), and each student must present their design to the class while explaining the object of the tool. After Mesopotamia we move to Sumer and discuss the first language, Cuneiform. Students make their own Cuneiform padlet out of play-doh while learning the complex writing system.

Our second big unit covers the Egyptian civilizations. Students learn about the embalming process by “mummifying” their own Barbie dolls. We go through the entire process of cleaning the body, adding the spices, creating amulets, and eventually wrapping the body with cloth strips. Students then participate in a character analysis project focused on specific pharaohs. Students design their own full body cutouts of a pharaoh of their choice, and each body part describes the many facets of the pharaoh’s life (ex. The hands describe the pharaoh’s work, the head describes their beliefs, the heart describes their family life, etc.).

We have a unit designated for ancient Israel, Rome, Greece, and the Middle East. In the Israel unit students learn how to make clay oil lamps with the help of Mrs. Toni Yoder. In the Roman unit students create their own aqueducts and test the effectiveness with a ping-pong ball. At the end of the Roman unit students choose a myth, document the major plot lines, create props and perform the myth in front of their classmates. The mythology project incorporates photography, acting, art, and history into one fun-filled activity. One of the most anticipated hands-on activities in 6th grade is the EDS Olympic day. We discuss the founding of the Olympics and how they have changed over time. Students make shields and chariots and compete in four events, with the winners receiving olive leaf crowns.

Again, hands-on learning is key to the curriculum in history, and I truly believe it has made a major impact on the overall learning environment.

- Ms. Savannah Havard

Faculty Spotlight - Ms. Gage Ibeck


Experience: Fourth grade teacher at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

Education: Bachelor degree in Psychology, pursing a Master of Arts in Teaching- Elementary Education

Hobbies: Being outside with her dogs, volunteering in the community, and spending time with her family


Albert Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” This teacher of the year does just that!

It is very rare that the first year a teacher comes and joins the faculty, the difference made is recognizable by so many. This teacher has been such a great addition to our faculty. She jumped right in with new ideas and a positive attitude. On top of working tirelessly to develop and implement engaging activities, she is very close to completing a Master’s Degree in Education. Our fourth grade students were always excited about each day with Ms. Ibeck. In addition to creating new and engaging activities, Ms. Ibeck led her students in a new service project. The students made fleece blankets and shared them with the homeless. Ms. Ibeck has proven to be a great addition to our Bishop Noland family.


"I love teaching at EDS because of the constant opportunities for student-led discussions in the classroom and the growing leadership among our students."

Staff Highlight - Mr. James Simpson

Position: Head Maintenance Person at Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School

Every person on our campus has a story about how they appreciate what James Simpson has done for them this year. James has an enthusiasm for his work that makes us all work a little harder. He is always sharing a great big smile, even at the end of a long day and that so uplifting to faculty, staff, parents and students alike. James treats us at the most unexpected times with his great culinary skills. We start each day with a beautiful campus that is litter free. The porch on the PK2/PK3 area never starts the day with leaves everywhere. The planters and gardens get watered and the fish get fed. He washes all the plates and utensils during lunch quickly to be sure they are ready for the next group of students. Finally, whenever he is asked to do anything, he says to each – “No problem, I've got that. Sure I will be glad to help.”

Thank you, Mr. James, for making our campus so beautiful and for being such a positive role model for all of us.

Wizard of Oz, Jr Was a Smashing Success

Our third, fourth, and fifth graders put on an amazing show this spring with their production of Wizard of Oz, Jr.

We begin music and theater with our youngest students. Our third, fourth, and fifth graders are the first group to perform large junior productions. We have a strong belief that drama and theater provides many benefits to our students inside and outside of the classroom.


  • improves self-confidence
  • promotes imagination
  • encourages empathy
  • teaches cooperation
  • improves communication skills
  • is fun
  • provides an emotional outlet
  • improves memory
  • provides an appreciation for arts & culture

EDS Eagle's Sports News


It was another great year for Eagle basketball. All of our teams showed much improvement and represented our school well. Our 5th grade boys were led by Coach Bruce Hardy and finished 2nd in their division. Our 5th grade girls were led by Coach Amy Kay and showed much improvement throughout the year. Our 6th/7th grade girls and 6th grade boys were led by Coach Gabe Fontenot. The 6th grade girls finished 2nd overall in their division and the boys had a 3rd place finish in the ICCS tournament. Our 7th grade girls team was made up of only three 7th graders and had help from several of our 6th grade girls. The girls group practiced together and most played multiple games throughout the week. Our 7th grade boys were led by Coaches Amy, Don and Dylan Kay. They continued to grow and finished 3rd in their division. We look forward to seeing them continue to progress into their 8th grade season. Our 8th grade boys finished 2nd overall in their division for the second consecutive year. Led by Coaches Martin Yokum and Bruce Hardy, our boys had a strong showing the past couple of years and were an exciting group to watch. We salute all of our 8th grade ball players, wish them the best of luck in high school, and look forward to watching our incoming athletes continue to strive next season on the court.


Track was a short, but very fun season. We had an exciting group of kids to work with and they all worked very hard. Led by Coaches Gabe Fontenot, Michelle Maze, and Mark Karish, the athletes devoted their time four days a week and two Saturdays to represent our school. They competed at the track meet at McNeese State University and at Barbe High School. Several of our kids placed in both running and field events. We would like to give recognition to our two eighth grade athletes, Owen Daigle and Rachel Staples, who demonstrated tremendous leadership throughout the track season. We would also like to thank our parents for volunteering their time to help out at our track meets. We look forward to seeing what our future athletes bring next season.

Bishop Noland Episcopal Day School Class of 2018

Big picture

Carson Owens Black+, Tyler Louise St. Clair Brink+, Nathaniel James Cox, Olivia Edan Crain, Owen Samuel Daigle, Samuel Caleb Goldman+, Megan Dianne Grubb, Anna Alexys Guidry*, Jack Alan Ivey, Tylar Warren Joseph, Nikolai Aleksander Karpovs*,

Aliya Mudar Kattash+, William Miller Leach, Mallory Jadyn LeBleu+, Matthew Randall Melton+, Kaitlin Nicole Miller+, Shadia Bint Mustafa+, Emma Claire Nixon+,

Andrew Scott Rasbeary, Dillon Chad Royer, Thomas William Shimer*,

Rachel Amy Staples*, Parker Noel Stewart, Jasmeen Kaur Thind+, Pawan Preet Kaur Thind+, Arden Claire Turner+, Jacob Andrew Weaver, Preston Nicholas Williamson

Nicholas Alexander Wolf*, Nikolas Emmanuel Wukovits+

*The President’s Award for Educational Excellence

The President’s Award for Educational Excellence recognizes outstanding academic excellence in the classroom. To be eligible for the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, students must maintain a 3.5 grade point average throughout their middle school years and score in the 95th percentile on reading or math on nationally-normed tests.

+The President’s Award for Educational Achievement

The President’s Award for Educational Achievement recognizes students that show outstanding educational growth, improvement, and commitment in their academic subjects through hard work and giving of their best effort.

C.A. King Award for Kindness

Students are often recognized for their academic and athletic accomplishments however, we award an eighth grader each year for kindness. The C.A. King award was named after a parishioner of the Church of the Good Shepherd who would attend our school auction every year. He would purchase every item that did not sell. His kindness will live in our hearts forever.

This year's reciepent of the C.A. King award is Aliya Kattash. Aliya shows compassion and kindness to everyone she meets. We are proud to call you an EDS alum, Aliya!

Mark Your Calendars

  • First Day of School - August 14th
  • Grandparent's Day - 1st - 8th Grade Students with Last Names Starting with A-L - September 10th
  • Grandparent's Day - 1st 8th Grade Students with Last Names Starting with M-Z - September 17th
  • Episcopal Schools Week - October 7th - 13th
  • "Seas the Day" Auction - October 24th
  • Giving Tuesday - November 27th
  • Christmas in the Garth - December 6th
  • Enrollment Rally - January 28th - February 8th
  • Carnival - May 11th
  • Last Day of School - May 24th
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