Book Review-The Cay

Sure to please anyone!


I think the book was very good. It entails the story of a shipwreck, and then the unlikely pair comes together. A young boy named Philip grew up knowing they ways of people like Timothy-well, he was weird, at least, that's how is mother made it sound. But old Timothy is easy and kindhearted. All he wants to do is befriend the young boy, but Philip has a strong thought on these people. If the two can't get along how will they survive?

Eventually, Phillip gets over it. After becoming blind, Phillip relies on Timothy. But Timothy assures Phillip that he will one day see again, so he has to learn how to hunt and fish on his own. It progresses quickly, as Timothy stated in the book:

"Phillip, you can do more than than I can, and your blind. You see, you don't need eyes."

Towards the end of the book, Timothy catches a deadly case of malaria, a disease caused by mosquitoes. Now, Phillip has to survive by himself, and his little companion Stew Cat. Phillip misses Timothy, and doesn't know how much longer he will be on the island. But one day in August, Phillip is finally rescued, and his reunited with his family again, and Stew Cat comes to live with him.

Four months later, Phillip has had surgery on his eyes. He can see again! But he always has glasses. I guess you could say the main character here has matured from his stage of 'War is just a game' stage, to a boy who is much wiser, and know what it takes to survive. The book states:

"I continue to see Henrik van Boven occasionally, but he seems very childish."

Overall, I'd think the book is a very good, coming of age story.

What I would Change

Overall, I would give the book a 3.5/5. I thought the book used the same words over and over, and I thought the plot seemed unrealistic, for someone who lived on an island for about five months. I guess what I'm trying to say that the time was a little to fast paced, and the language was a little to dull for my liking. I felt like a lot of the words were repeated a lot. I also felt the plot was continuing in the same pattern, and to me, there wasn't really a slope of a climax, as I would like it to be maybe a bit more dramatic. I would like to see how the book would turn out then.