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March 9, 2015

Where is Alyson this week?

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week!

  • Monday- Central Office
  • Tuesday- Athens Elementary
  • Wednesday- Brookhill
  • Thursday- Cowart
  • Friday- Julian Newman
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Tech Management Tip

Effective Teaching With iPads

Reagan Tunstall, first grade teacher and blogger, shares the following on her website about the effective use of iPads in an elementary classroom:

"Although I love the convenience of apps and how they allow students to practice concepts during reading and math workshop, I also want my students to take it to the next level to create products that showcase their learning with iPads as well."

Several of you have shared that you are beginning to grapple with determining what constitutes best practices with Apps and iPads. With any form of technology, "best practices" are ever evolving due to constant updates and changes. It can be tricky to decide whether a tech tool will enhance a lesson or deepen student understanding of the standard.

There are several rubrics available that can be used as a guide when determining if an app or site is appropriate for your needs (links below). Using the SAMR model as a guide is another effective way to plan for meaningful technology integration.

Questions You Might Ask When Planning?

  • Does this tool/app increase the level of student engagement?
  • Does this tool/app enhance student learning?
  • Which standards are addressed in the lesson? Is using this tool/app helping to meet these standards or increasing the rigor of the student task?
  • Where would this lesson rank on the SAMR scale?

I'd love to hear your thoughts as well as about your experiences this year.

Meanwhile, check out more of what Reagan Tunstall has to share on the topic and see LOTS of other great resources available on her site by clicking the link below.

Intentional Planning & Purposeful Use of Apps Requires A Great Deal of Decision Making

Intentional planning for technology integration can be a sticky process. Sometimes the "flash" of an app can grab our attention and make us forget about the actual standard our students need to master. (Confession.... Sometimes, I have a hard time with this!)

Fortunately, other educators have done some foundational work for us that will help with the selection of meaningful apps and technology integration tools. The link below will take you to Kathy Schrock's site where there are several rubrics to guide the selection, planning, and evaluation process for apps and tech tools.

Check out this interactive SAMR review via "thinglink":

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❤️ Cool Tech Tools ❤️

Review of "Cool Tools" Past

Because we've missed so much time for SNOW days, this week seems like a great week to revisit some tools shared earlier in the semester. What great tools have you tried out this year? If there's a tool (not limited to those shared here) that you've used and found effective, please let me know. I'd love to spotlight what's working for our students!

The links below will take you to the newsletter where each tool was originally shared:

Popplet & iPad Task Cards

Thinglink & SafeShare.TV

Featured Storytelling Apps



Symbaloo & Guided Access


Let me know if you'd like support as you try any of these!

All resources shared here (past and future) can also be found at this site:

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❤️ Athens City Elementary Tech Integration ❤️


Not being in school is making this section difficult! I did manage to grab a few shots before the weather event this week!

Proper Grammar Prezis @ JNES!

Seuss Week Fun

Even though the fun was cut short by weather events, lots of great learning and fun was in store for ACS students last week. Parent and community involvement was evident in every school. Some examples include the book fair at AES where students invited family members to come in to have lunch, then shop with them for a new book. At Brookhill, there was the "Whoist Who in Brookhill" competition where students performed excerpts from their favorite Seuss books and at Cowart and Julian Newman, there were several guest readers for students including Mayor Ronnie Marks. I know our kids had a blast!

Sharing Seuss Week Fun with Canva!

Thanks to Leanne Hudleston for sharing this collage of Seuss events at BES that she made using Canva.

Learn more about Canva here:

Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!