Hope for kids

Zach Hall

There's still HOPE

  • In 2013, 77% of our education programs have reached children's needs around the world
  • We helped 38,000 children reach early education
  • We are helping parents give there children quality education at a young age
  • If we don't give children quality education they need at a young age they might fall behind or drop out in school
  • In Afghanistan these programs have reached more than 95,000 children, most of them girls


Culture is a big part of how the world is shaped today. Culture is hard to understand but the way you learn it is by involving into everyday society and the people around you. Culture can cause a lot of controversy because people all around the world disagree with many other cultures. Culture though is very important because it gives you something to believe in and can harmonize a society. Culture can also cause destruction like what happened with the Jews in the holocaust. Hitler believed in a culture that caused a lot of controversy and what he believed in was not fair and it caused millions of deaths to the Jews. An example from To Kill a Mockingbird is when Ms. Gates says its ok to treat blacks bad but not okay to treat Jews that way. The reason I think she says this is because she probably grew up with people treating the blacks bad but never experienced how the Jews were treated.

Xenophobia is another big part in culture today. Xenophobia is the fear of other cultures and they are afraid of what they can do or accomplish. Australia . This is because does not want any cultures to come into the country even if they are ebola free because they are afraid of what could happen. Xenophobia also with hitler and the Holocaust he was afraid of the Jewish culture and all he wanted was perfect human beings. Apartheid is also another example black segregation. The Jim crow laws have many examples of black segregation and also play a big role in African american culture.

Culture is a big part of how the world is evolved and shapes who we are. We grow up listening to all these examples and this is what we learn and believe is true. All three examples shape who we are and culture throughout the world.

Compare/ Contrast

  • That education is very important in your life and so is being able to read and write

  • are improving in numbers of people being able to read and write, but in To Kill a Mockingbird many people can’t read or write at all

  • Do not provide quality education at an early age

  • Scouts teacher does not want her to learn at home, but research says learning at home is important

  • Can not provide education for those that are poor or who are hard to reach

  • Scout gets quality learning at home, but shows that many people don’t

  • Both explain its good to learn at home