Imagine that you are 3,000 ft. deep in the ocean and you want to read a book,but it is too dark. Then, you see a light. You wonder what it is for a few. Then,you finally know what it is. THE ANGLER FISH. In this text you will learn about the majestic angler fish and its physical characteristics,ecosystems,and its food chain. Read on to find out more.


The angler fish is a very interesting animal to learn about. First,it is about 3 ft. in length and it is 70 lbs. Another characteristic is that its color ranges from dark gray to dark brown. Also it has a big head with a crescent-shaped mouth almost like the moon,and razor sharp, clear teeth. They make high pitched beeping noises. Beep. Finally they have a long stem on its head with a bright light on it. I would use it as a night light.


The ocean is the Angler fish's habitat.The ocean covers 75% of the Earth. That is really big. The average depth of the ocean is 2.5 miles. Some biotic factors of the ocean are the fish like clown fish and lion fish and the plants like coral and sea weed. Some abiotic factors of the Ocean are the water,the temperature of the water,and the sand. The specific habitat of the Angler fish is the west coast of the United Kingdom. This is some information about the Angler fish's ecosystem.
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Do you think the Angler fish is a predator or is it prey? If you guessed predator you're right. The consumer type of the Angler fish is carnivore. It can swallow its prey that is twice its size. This is an example of the Angler fish starts with the sun. Next,aglgae gets energy from sun and grows. Thirdly, Benthic invertebrates eat the algae. Then, Red Mullet eats the benthic invertebrates. Next,the Red Mullet gets eaten by the angler fish. Finally,the angler fish dies and decomposes. I know I would want to be an Angler fish.
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Now you'll be able to read your book in the ocean. You've learned about the physical characteristics,the ecosystem,and the food chain of the majestic Angler fish. I hope this was the best informational text you've ever read.