First Grade News

January 20th-23rd


It is that time of year to sign-up for Winter Conferences. We will be having Winter Conferences on Thursday, January 29 and Tuesday, February 3. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BLEOW TO SIGN UP!


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will have our spelling pre test and learn our new word chunk "ing". We will have Daily 5 Centers. We will edit our writing to check for capital letters and periods. We will learn more about our new apps and share our iMovies. We will create iMovies in class and at home. We will BEGIN to learn about Fairy Tales.


Art/Computer Lab and Media Check Out

We will go to the Computer Lab and check out new library books. We will work on our book reading log. We will practice using our new app book creator. We will make a book from our writing. We will begin a new chapter in math on Geometry. We will discuss what we learned about plane shapes. We will learn more about Fairy Tales.


Phy Ed/Music

We will practice putting our spelling words in ABC order. We will practice our spelling sight words done, come and some. We will have Daily 5 Centers. We will finish our book in Book Creator. We will practice sorting plane shapes. We will learn more about Fairy Tales.


Phy Ed/Spanish

We will have our Spelling Test for the Word Chunk "ing". We will have Daily 5 Centers. We will learn more about Fairy Tales. We will practice making new shapes from plane shapes. We will use tangrams to make shapes.

Parent Notes

If you haven't sent a stylus pen with your child yet, please do so as soon as you are able. A stylus pen can be used like a pen/pencil on the iPad screen and will help your child with handwriting and writing skills while they are using iPad technology. There are many of these pens available for reasonable prices at Target, Staples, Office Max, etc. Nothing fancy needed! Please send one to school for your child as soon as you are able. Let me know if you have trouble finding one. THANKS!


Thanks for helping your child with iMovie. I know there were a few issues with the app and downloading. The homework project was meant to be for fun and so the first graders become familiar with the app. If your child wasn't able to complete the project---NO WORRIES! They can continue to work on it this week. They will LOVE to share it with their classmates when it is finished!

Please remember to remind your child to watch the math videos when they are due. I know schedules can be very busy, so we won't have a video every night. This week there are only two videos to watch. Your child should be able to locate the videos in Google Classroom which can be accessed through a link on their iPad. They should know how to do this. Please check with your child each time they watch a video to make sure they understand the video and do ANY homework activity that may be a part of the video.

Videos to Watch in Google Classroom:

Tuesday Night: 8.1 Plane Shapes

Wednesday Night: 8.2 Sorting Plane Shapes


Spelling Week 15 -ell

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