Welcome To Bolivia

Capital-Sucre Population-10,631,486

The Bolivian Flag

The Bolivian flag may look simple but, it has a lot of meaning. The red stripe stands for the bravery and, blood of their national hero's.The yellow stripe stands for the mineral resources of the nation and, the green stripe stands for their lands fertility. Lastly the symbol in the center is the national coat of arms.


Bolivia is a republic (social Unitarian State that is lead by President Evo Morales shown in the picture below.
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Bolivian Culture

Bolivia is a mix of alot of cultures this means that Bolivia has a variety of traditions, and holidays. One of the big holidays Bolivia celebrates is carnival on February 16-17. Another thing that the culture of Bolivia contains are religious festivals expressed by dance. Dances and, music in Bolivia mainly contain both native and the Mediterranean culture.People in Bolivia also often preform rituals. One ritual that is part of a Andean tradition is Q'owa. Q'owa is a offering to spirits containing a collection of herbs and, other significant elements. The elements put into the Q'owa depend on the situation.

Why Bolivia???

Now that you have learned all about Bolivia I want to tell you why I think we should go there. Sure Bolivia is super poor but, there is so much to experience in Bolivia. Since they have a mixed culture we could experience so many different traditions, rituals and so much more. Here is just a few places we could visit.