If I were The Giver I would share..

loss of war, a song that really speaks out and to go to wwe

The first memory will be about what happened in world war 2

I would like to share war because it tells about someone that hated a group of people. He wanted to end Jews. That started a war and sent many countries to fight. The war lasted from 1939 to 1945. In that 7 years it ended up killing more people than Canada's population. But a lot of the people that were killed were innocent Jewish people. That put a whole in the world that even now isn't filled. Many countries were involved in it. Germany started the war to regain its high power like before world war 1. Germany took a lot of European countries occupied.
This Is How We Roll - Florida Georgia Line (feat. Luke Bryan)

A song that speaks out.

If you listen to this song it gives mixed emotions. For me it makes me feel like I want to have fun and be on the top of a mountain during a sunset. It brings up my joy level. It reminds me about my friends and how much we love each other. It reminds me of how I'm in grade 8 and its my last time with all my friends. Peoples brains thinks of certain memories when certain songs play. My brain thinks of joy, happiness and love when this song plays. Its said that different genres have different emotions.

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wwe video

WWE Raw new opening intro 2015 (after mania)

wwe experience

Going to wwe is a good experience for all family's. It brings family's closer together and have fun. The drama is very believable and brings very good entertainment. After watching it, its very hard to get detached from it. Every wrestler has his own act that either people like or dislike. Those people use that act to attract us. After all it makes us all believe it. Many of the wrestlers are already famous for acting. For example the rock was an amazing wrestler and a huge movie star.