Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian Shirts : Casual Chic Reinstated

Hawaiian shirts have been a continuous trend in the fashion circuit, gaining their popularity for catering to the more casual needs for fashion and style for both men and women. For their dynamic and colorful image, these type of shirts have carved a niche for themselves in the market and has made a considerable name in the apparel business. For more information regarding Hawaiian shirts and to shop for these ultra casual chic trend, Read Here.

Originating in Hawaii, these type of shirts, also popularly known as “Aloha Shirts”, have a typical design. For men, the shirts are generally collared and short-sleeved, while the cloth is printed with special attention to the pockets that are sewn on the left side of the chest so as not to break the pattern of the shirt print. In the case of women shirts, the neckline is generally of V-shape and low in cut, while the hem is kept straight as these are not meant for tucking in. Both the shirt types are buttoned, and normally for the whole length of the shirt.

In designs though, Hawaiian shirts provide an apparently limitless possibility. Hawaiian shirts are in fame primarily because of their vibrant color and floral patterns, by which these are known all over the world. Their point of renown comes not only from the splash of colors that are found in their clothes but also indebted to their use of the inclusive Polynesian motifs. The shirt material varies from cotton, rayon, silk, liker to poly cotton, to name a few. The shirts are tailored in such a way so as to maximize the most of comfort, and are casualness incarnate. Read Here for a more detailed information on the kind of Eco-friendly fabrics that are used to manufacture these kinds of shirts.

The traditional motifs and patterns commonly observed on their clothes are the traditional Hawaiian quilt patterns, muted floral patterns with subtle colors and taps designs. Many contemporary designers incorporate other trendy and ethnic symbols and motifs in a typical colorful and Hawaiian pattern and are known as contemporary Hawaiian shirts. For a more authentic experience, you can also opt for vintage and Kalaha Hawaiian shirts as well. Designed, keeping in mind the warmer climate of Hawaii, these shirts are best suited for casual visits to the beaches and so. However, for a more semi-formal occasion, you can explore the range of options that are available in the “Aloha Attire” category. One basic point of uniqueness found in these shirts are the reverse pattern designs, where the shirts are printed on the inside, to exhibit a muted exterior color patterns. For more details, feel free to Read Here.