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Black Death Hits Home in Gnars Farm

On March 5, 1345, Pinky, Gummy, and Dave Mouse entered the Pags sector of Gnars Farm and were surprised to see Lucine holding a carving knife. “I saw them enter,” Fapt Flea said, “but I never saw them leave.” The mice didn't know that that they were full of the Black Plague and their tails were soon to be cut off. They ran after Lucine and gave her the plague. “She isn't the same,” Garry Gnars said. Lucine’s ghost still searches for the three blind mice.

Apple Music

My favorite app is Apple Music. I like how I can listen to my favorite songs and artists. All I have to do is either type in a song or look in suggested to hear my favorite songs. Over 13 million people are paid subscribers. One part that stinks is how some bands don't put their studio albums on it. I also love how I can create playlists. Some of the bands I listen to include Van Halen, Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, KISS, Guns ‘n Roses, and many more. The purpose is to listen to and enjoy your favorite music.

The Amazing Life of Alice Cooper

People throwing punches and kicking. Sound like a boxing match? Actually, it’s the hard life of a rock star and their fellow bandmates behind the scenes. Well, one man decided to change the rock field by creating a new sound, Vincent Damon Furnier, or Alice Cooper.

Cooper was born in Detroit on February 4, 1948, and lived there until he was 12. He moved to California with his family, and they soon left to find something better in Arizona. When he entered high school, he then got an interest in music.

He soon formed his first band which did covers of his favorite bands. It is said he got his name from a witch doctor he met from a ouija board. In 1971, he got a big break when his band got contract with Warner Bros. With his new contract, he created hit albums like Killer, School’s Out, Billion Dollar Babies, and Muscle of Love. It is said he got his name from a witch doctor he met from a ouija board.

Finally, the Godfather of Shock Rock had enough and left the band, but he kept the name Alice Cooper. He soon created Welcome to my Nightmare.

Then was a hard time in the life of Alice, he ended up in a sanitorium in New York. He then was a new christian and he really started to enjoy golf. He went back to music with Special Forces and Zipper Catches Skin, but they did horrible. Finally in 1989, he blew away his last two records and recorded Trash.

Surprisingly, he and the old band got together in 2011. The reason was because they were getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Vincent now lives in Arizona and still goes on tour using a fake guillotine and electric chair.

The Simpsons Movie

Homer buys a pig that will soon be a demise to the whole town. When people learn that Lake Springfield is polluted, they try to clean it. When it is finally clean, Homer dumps his pigs feces into the lake. It is so polluted the EPA domes Springfield. Everyone blames the Simpsons and they escape. They become wanted and flee to Alaska. They then come back to Springfield to a destroyed town. What will happen to Springfield? Will it be stuck in the dome or get blown up? Find out in The Simpsons Movie.

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