History of Gymnastics

Alyssa Fritz

How Did the History of Gymnastics Impact How it Came Today?

Gymnastics has been around for 2000 years. Around the 1830s, gymnastics was introduced to the United States and its school systems by the immigrants Charles Beck, Charles Follen, and Francis Lieber. It was used for military training, as well. In the early 19th century, the United States Military began using gymnastics for their own program.

The First Competitions of Gymnastics

The first large-scale competition was in Athens Greece. Also, the very first international event was held in 1903, in Antwerp, Belgium. This event was following the 1896 Olympics. But, everything started to change in the 1920s when the Olympics in France marked the beginning of what gymnastics is today.

What Gymnastics is Like Today...

What I've Learned Overall...

What I've learned overall is that even if gymnastics is a dangerous sport because of how many tricks are preformed, gymnastics is a very healthy sport because it helps you get into shape by running and conditioning with weights and jump ropes, etc. So what this means is that since gymnastics includes a lot of conditioning, that means you have to eat lots of protein and drink a lot of water.